The Economist

The Economist.  Peter Drucker paints a picture of how we will transition to a knowledge society.  Keep clicking on the next article links at the bottom — it is worth the read.

I can't help but think that this new knowledge society will be helped by K-Logs (Weblogs as Knowledge Management Tools).  The best way to tap into the knowledge pool of a loosely associated knowledge technologist is a K-Log system.  Using a K-Log, a knowledge worker can review digital data, analyze it, annotate it with the analysis, and then publish it to a corporate Intranet.  By publishing this knowledge, it then becomes a part of the corporate knowledge pool (which is particularly important in a fluid workplace environment).

This is also important in decentralized organizations or firms with a large percentage of part-time knowledge workers (as evisioned by Drucker).  A K-Log allows experienced workers to keep their ties to organizations intact after a departure to part-time status.  It organizes the flow of the knowledge they contribute in a way that easily understood and usable by everyone in the organization.  This is in contrast to limited reach and self-organizing attributes of e-mail, instant messaging, digitial documents, and face-to-face communication. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

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