Doc Searls notes

Doc Searls notes that MORE, a fourteen-year-old program (roughly) runs quite a bit faster on today's hardware. That of course is a demo of Moore's Law, our friend, as is the other big law that drives all computer and software development (it also begins with a M.)

MORE has one of the more flexible product names. It's not an acronym, although you would be forgiven for guessing that it is. It was chosen because we didn't know which of a myriad of features we threw into the product in 1986 would gain traction. It's a grab-bag for sure. It turned out to be slide shows. It also was quite popular in France where its name is a homonym of the word for death, mort. And it of course is also a homonym for the law that makes it run so fast in 2001. # [Scripting News]

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