ACM: Ubiquity – Breaking Down the Digital Walls

ACM: Ubiquity – Breaking Down the Digital Walls. Quote: “In Breaking Down the Digital Walls, Mr. Burniske, now a researcher in the computer-writing laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, and Mr. Monke, now an assistant professor of education at Wittenberg University have given us a book that is no run-of-the-mill “how to do it” manual, but a book that should motivate the creative teacher to get busy integrating Internet technology into his classroom without denying him the challenge of deciding how best to do it”

Comment: Nice little review, but just a design note since I'm involved in an electronic journal effort right now.  To my mind there's a world of difference between an article with a link of the kind: “Go discuss it in our forum” versus an article where the responses are embedded as part of the page, e.g. Slashdot-style.  In the first case, the context is lost.  It seems trivial, but I'm convinced it makes a major difference. [Serious Instructional Technology]

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