John Robb

Groove does Redirection? Get a clue. John Robb pointed to my piece on iFolder and then proceeded to say how Groove and Manila do redirection. John, I love ya, but you are clueless on this matter. (Sorry, maybe “clueless” is a little abrupt. How about just a little misguided?)

Neither Groove nor Manila do any kind of redirection. iFolder automatically redirects and synchronizes file I/O at the binary level. It does delta-based updates in chunks as small a 4k bytes without any user intervention. The system isn't centralized at all, the data gets replicated on every node that is part of the cloud–automatically.

It would be a massive development undertaking for either Groove or UserLand to come close to this kind of functionality.

Don't get me wrong. Groove and Manila are awesome products. They just don't do storage redirection. Hey, at least the shot at it earned you a spot on my blog roll! [Craig Burton: logs, links, life, and lexicon]

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