Dave mentions that we are using a combo of outlining and instant messaging to power internal communications.  It's great.  E-mail count has gone down by 100 a day (the e-mail DoS attack on my brain has eased!) and now I can parallel process internal communications with my co-workers.  Savings:  1/2 hour a day reading a serial e-mail stream vs. scanning outline posts in a parallel process.

Also, the velocity of communications has gone up, given that people don't need to reach a e-mail posting threshold in order to add to the internal discussion.  Excellent.  Three other benefits:

1) I don't have to organize those team e-mails into directories any more (1/2 hour a day).  The messages are already organized and archived.

2) All team members can see the messages.  Savings:  useless cc:s (10 minutes a day).

3) Long-term projects can be organized for all team members to reference.  Savings:  many useless resends of project time lines and agendas (10 minutes) and time spent finding needed project info (10 minutes)

There is a lot more.  Combined with my Weblog this is killer.  Thanks Dave and team for giving me back an hour and a half a day.  Talk about knowledge worker productivity improvements. [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

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