21st Century Knowledge Management:

21st Century Knowledge Management: Continuing the thread that Kevin Werbach started. There are three main structures you can hang knowledge off (knowledge is the new word for content). A calendar, a search engine, and a taxonomy (which is a fancy word for directory). He's right that getting people to use special tools to gather knowledge is not a great idea if you want everyone to use it. That's correct. Emailers are where most writing goes on these days.

So hook a search engine and archive up to your mail lists, as Yahoo does so well, and you're done. That's why Yahoo blew it by hiring an entertainment industry guy as their new CEO. They should have hired someone from IT and sold their services, which are excellent, to corporations.

Now Kevin doesn't talk about knowledge management for people whose job it is to research and gather information and organize projects. They're the connoisseurs of knowledge management. The software industry, as a whole, has not been very good at creating tools for these people. Lawyers, managers, educators, doctors, accountants, consultants — thinkers, planners and organizers. All the tools apply, weblogs, search engines, archives, and outliners. [Scripting News]

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