Joshua Allen

Joshua Allen: We can understand if CNN and the pundits want us to feel safe against all reason. But I cannot understand why CNN and others are having such a difficult time figuring out who we are attacking. I am still seeing headlines about an “attack on Afghanistan”. This is inaccurate, misleading, and dangerous. The U.N. and U.S. have never recognized the Taliban as being Afghanistan, and there is a legitimate Afghan population and government who are not being attacked and are not having bombs dropped on them. It is quite shocking; the Taliban have been trying for years to be recognized as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. Finally, when they harbor Arab foreigners and terrorists and provoke an international war, the American media do exactly what the Taliban wanted all along and declare them to be “Afghanistan”. Can somebody please tell these so-called journalists to shut up and stop working against the carefully-laid foreign policy of every single government in the world (not one of which recognizes the Taliban as being “Afghanistan”)? This is, by any measure you choose, “an exercise to liberate some territory in Afghanistan that has been overtaken by a foreign-led opressive and autocratic regime of thugs.” [Better Living Through Software]

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