WashTech.com part of the Washington Post – Tech Companies See Market for Detection. One machine can detect stress by reading flickering eye movements. Another uses X-rays to conduct virtual strip-searches that can spot a razor blade taped to a person's inner thigh. A third videotapes faces in a crowded room and matches them to known… Continue reading WashTech.com


WashTech.com part of the Washington Post – Facial Recognition System Considered For U.S. Airports. Government and aviation officials are poised to begin using facial recognition systems to scan airport terminals for suspected terrorists, possibly including Reagan National Airport when it reopens, according to people involved in deliberations about how to improve security. A government committee,… Continue reading WashTech.com


Henry Norr reviews Mac OS X 10.1 # [Scripting News]

Hacker re-writes Yahoo! news stories

New Scientist: Hacker re-writes Yahoo! news stories. Freelance security consultant Adrian Lamo demonstrated that, armed only with an ordinary internet browser, he could access the content management system used by Yahoo!'s staff use to upload daily news. Lamo added the false quotes to stories to prove the hole was real… [Tomalak's Realm]

It's Right Before Your Eyes

Forbes ASAP: It's Right Before Your Eyes. Jef Raskin. Dell, Compaq, Sony, IBM, and all the others should make portables that use plug-in displays when they're on your desk and eyeglass-mounted displays when they're not. Our friends in Cupertino, California, might call them the Apples of your eye. [Tomalak's Realm]


Dave Winer: “BTW, I am intrigued by my TiVO, and pretty overwhelmed by it too. So much stuff to watch. Who has the time. One thought occurred to me though. I wish it had a built-in 802.11b compatible HTTP server built-in. I'd like to access the TV schedule via my laptop web browser and be… Continue reading #


Dave Winer: “I love that the Web has become so much smaller with all the dotcom distractions flushed out, it's easier to see who's alive and doing interesting stuff. Watch the lights come back on. Still diggin. Totally 1.0.” # [Scripting News]

Interview: Curt Cloninger on Web Design

Interview: Curt Cloninger on Web Design. We interview Curt Cloninger, author of “Fresh Styles for Web Designers.” Curt talks about the hot designers his book profiles, the dual nature of the Net, immersive environments, and what he's working on now. By Andy King. 0928 [WebReference News]