Mac OS 10.1 is noticeably faster, especially if you are running classic applications. The DVD player runs much better than the OS 9 DVD player. I can work in a foreground application like Mail or OmniOutliner while a DVD plays smoothly in the background. I'm a bit disappointed with the Microsoft Word test drive. There seems to be 2 ways of displaying text in OS X (someone will send me a note with the 2 different API names). One text display method produces ugly anti-aliased text like that found in OS 9, another produces amazing beautiful, highly legible anti-aliased text. Word displays some rather ugly text. AppleWorks does the same thing. I'm still going to do all my writing in TextEdit, OmniOutliner, Pepper or Mail. Just because I find it more comfortable to look at better rendered text. Otherwise I start concentrating on the letterforms and I get nothing done. Another nice fix in 10.1 is that I can just put my laptop to sleep, plug-in an external monitor and when I wake the machine the monitor is active. This worked in OS 9 and I used it a lot, with 10.0.x a restart was needed. My digital camera is now supported as well. The two things I really want now are new drivers for my HP Deskjet, so I can use the duplexing unit, and USB Overdrive so I can use all the features on my optical trackball.

It is very nice to see the Applescript improvements in Mac OS 10.1. I'm looking forward to using them. (and the new Applescript Studio could be very nice!). [DesignWeenie]

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