Wired.  Unmanned Aircraft to be used in Afghanistan.  These are great recon weapons.  Unfortunately, the US is way behind what can be done with UAVs in a combat role.  A low cost, UAV for ground troops could be a way to significantly enhance the capabilities of our ground forces.  UAVs equiped with night vision, a GPS, long-range remote control (2-3 miles), telepresence, and a weapon could cost under $100 k.  This weapon/recon vehicle would allow a platoon of US soldiers the ability to avoid and spring an ambush (which will be the method most used by Afghanis in this war). 

In 1992, the system that set us apart from the Iraqis was the hand-held GPS.  It allowed us to conduct the pincer movement across a barren desert that encircled the main body of Iraqi forces in lower Iraq and Kuwait.  Captured Iraqis marvelled at the device when they saw it exclaiming, “Do all your generals have these?” The reply, “No, all of our platoons have one.” [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

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