Islam 101 (from 2020 Hindsight)

Islam 101 (from 2020 Hindsight) – George W. Bush visited a mosque and spoke about respecting Islam. [transcript]

Respecting Muslim custom, Bush, his White House aides and
Secret Service agents removed their shoes before stepping on
the elaborate carpets in the mosque…..

At one point, the president quoted a translated verse from
the Koran, saying, “In the long run, evil in the extreme will
be the end of those who do evil.''

Yusuf Saleem of the Muslim American Society thanked Bush
and said American Muslims were horrified by last week's

“We are also shocked and dismayed by the events, and
dismayed especially that it should be associated with a
religion that has only peace as its ultimate aim,'' Saleem said,
adding, “We are a part of the fabric of America.''

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