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People who post their resumes on Monster.com, the world's largest job-seeking site, “face considerable threats to their privacy,” according to a watchdog group.

In a 24-page report, The Privacy Foundation on Wednesday accused Monster of attempting to sell users' private data to marketers, failing to completely remove resumes after job-seekers deleted them, and sending user information to America Online to satisfy the terms of a business agreement.

The group also said that resumes submitted to corporations that use Monster's technology are “routinely sent to Monster.com without disclosure to job seekers.”

Monster.com flatly denied these accusations, saying that the company adheres to its posted privacy policy, which says that no selling of information occurs. “We formally stand behind our current privacy statement,” said Marcel Legrand, a Monster executive. “We don't do anything with data that a consumer doesn't know about.” [Privacy Digest]

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