Best Zope Hardware

Best Zope Hardware. At work yesterday we got our first P4-based box, a 1.8GHz Dell. Running Python, and Zope, the performance is between a 1GHz P-III and a 1.2GHz Athlon (18,771.4 pystones a second for the P4 compared with a 1.33GHz Athlon delivering 20,700 pystones a second). While I've not tested a 2GHz P-4, my guess is that the fastest Zope server you could build would be a 1.4GHz Athlon-based box. And of course a dual-CPU box is more or less pointless with Zope. [Update: Paul points out that if you use ZEO you will be able to take advantage of a dual-CPU box.] [ZopeNewbies]

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