One number — and no escape anywhere

The Times (UK) – One number — and no escape anywhere.

The US Government has backed a global scheme to simplify communication by giving everyone a single contact number, through which they could be reached by telephone, e-mail, fax, or any other clever technology still to be invented.

In a word, the solution is ENUM, or e-numbers. Proponents say that we should all be given a single 11-digit number which would make us all eminently more easy to reach.

Patrik Falstrom, an engineer at the computer giant Cisco Systems Inc, came up with the idea. Some of the world's leading telecommunications companies, including BT, have formed ENUM-Forum, which met for the first time last week. The chances of the scheme succeeding were significantly increased by the decision of the US Government to lend it support. [Privacy Digest]

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