XML Spy 4 enters second beta phase

XML Spy 4 enters second beta phase. The second beta of XML Spy Suite 4.0 is available for testing, including support for the W3C XML Schema Recommendation. [xmlhack]

SOAP::Lite heavy with new features

SOAP::Lite heavy with new features. One of the most popular SOAP libraries, the Perl SOAP::Lite module, has added many new features, including transports for Jabber and XML-RPC. [xmlhack]

The Usability of Usability

WebWord: The Usability of Usability. Q&A with Jared Spool. As a profession, we need to spend a lot more resources on basic research. We need to stop thinking that there are pat, one-size-fits-all solutions to every problem. And we need to align ourselves with the business goals more directly. [Tomalak's Realm]