Xslerator – Yesterday I was working on an article I want to put together for MSDN; something like “How to build a web-based discussion board in less than ten minutes.” I am trying to make this really simple; no code required. When I got to the part where I show how to make it actually look pretty, I needed something that would allow me to quickly put together XSLT templates. So I wasted a few hours trying out every XSLT editor that I could find. I've reached the conclusion that XSLT editors on the market today are hopelessly inadequate. Anyway, after giving up on that, I browsed betanews.com and found a product called “Xselerator”. This is by far the best XSLT editor I have used. I still wish I could get a WYSIWYG editor to combine with the Xselerator capabilities, but Xselerator did everything I needed and let me crank out a stylesheet in just a few minutes. Interestingly, IBM has a project on the alphaworks dumping-grounds called “XSLerator” which seems to advertise itself as some sort of XSLT generation engine rather than an IDE like Marrowsoft's tool. The name similarity ought to make for some interesting confusion for google. [Better Living Through Software]

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