Microsoft Stalls for More Time:

Microsoft Stalls for More Time: It will come as a huge surprise that Microsoft wants the U.S. appeals court to wait before sending the case back to the district court for hearings on remedies for its monopolistic practices. Nor will anyone be amazed by the gall evident in this legal filing.

“If the Supreme Court elects not to consider the question posed in Microsoft’s petition, the stay will likely remain in effect for no more than six weeks,” Microsoft's ever-imaginative lawyers say. “Little will happen during that short period.”

Little will happen — except the release of Windows XP, the operating system that's the linchpin for the company's plans to dominate the next generation of software, and ultimately take a financial cut of all kinds of commerce and communications.

Yah. There's nothing serious pending. The court might as well just take a long, long vacation. After all, Microsoft must be telling the truth again. Right? [Dan Gilmor's eJournal]

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