CNET NEWS.COMCode Red hits Hotmail, FedEx servers.

Microsoft has confirmed that some servers running its MSN Hotmail service were infected with a version of the Code Red worm, though it said no personal information was breached.

A company representative said Thursday that a number of its servers were brought offline to deal with the problem and that service was not disrupted. Microsoft says about 110 million people have accounts with the free Web-based e-mail service.

Also, Thursday, shipping giant FedEx said it suffered isolated problems Wednesday with its servers that it attributed to the Code Red worm.

The more I see how well they run their servers, the even more unhappy I am with the idea of letting Microsoft with their Passport and Hailstorm systems have any control over my personal information. When the public comments about all the flaws in the security of their web server software, they tell us that the problems are fixed as soon as they are identified, and besides its just a simple patch and easy to install. But when it comes to running their own systems these patches seem to be harder to implement than they tell us,. Or are they just lazy?

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