The Register (UK)

The Register (UK)Son of CPRM fails ATA committee vote. The proposal dubbed 'Son of CPRM' has failed to make it into the ATA hard drive specification. The results of a postal vote are published today. The T.13 committee actually voted 8:7 in favour of including Curtis Stevens' 'Proposal to Support Generic Functionality' [19kb, PDF] with three formal abstentions. But the vote failed to make the required two-thirds majority of eligible organisations, four of which failed to vote.

Apple, Adaptec, ST Micro, Western Digital, Maxtor, LSI Logic and Hale Landis voted against “Generic Functionality” in ATA devices for content control. Voting in favor of content control were IBM, Toshiba (4C members), Hitachi, Iomega, Microsoft, Phoenix, Absolute Software, and Circuit Assembly [Privacy Digest]

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